$CRR has lagged behind the recent power ripper in the market. Also want to point out the short interest has Jumped exponentially. Just last October it was at 3.76% now at 18.65. The shorties are jumping all over this one. Why? I think there is a clear cut trade here in either direction. If long term support of 119.40 is lost, it’s a short at least for a day-trade, and it could get crushed. Now with the overall bullishness in the market, it also has a long setup. Major resistance lies at 129. The high yesterday was 128.51. The 20ma comes in at 129.05. So basically go long if it breaks that number along with the trend-line. Good volume past couple of days as well. Note that over that 129 resistance is a nice little Kirby¬© pocket to just about next major resistance at 137.70. Has the look/feel that a big day is imminent in this one.